oftec_registeredCustomers choose registered OFTEC suppliers because they trust the OFTEC symbol as a sign of high quality workmanship.

OFTEC offer a wide range of courses for oil firing technicians. OFTEC training and registration are recognised as professional standards throughout the industry.

The Oil Firing Technical Association was launched in April 1991 to construct a framework within which oil firing in the United Kingdom and Republic Of Ireland could operate with a greater degree of technical expertise and efficiency. One of its first priorities was to set up a system of training and registration for Technicians engaged in commissioning, servicing, installation with oil firing equipment.

A Registration Scheme for the
Oil Firing Industry

OFTEC approved identificationIdentification for your customers OFTEC operates a Registration scheme, which enables identification of those Technicians who have proved that they have the skill to ensure safe and efficient installation.
Registration is awarded in two parts, Individual and Business.

Only current technicians and current companies covered by both Individual and Business Registration can use the OFTEC Approved Logo on their publicity materials and vehicles, and describe themselves as OFTEC Registered.

Individual Registration

It is a principle of the OFTEC scheme that Registration is granted only to those who have demonstrated their skill by passing the OFTEC Assessment for the relevant class of registration. This must be assessed by a certification body accredited by UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, or their equivalent in any other country. The Technician must also agree to work to OFTEC standards. To be able to describe themselves for trading purposes as being OFTEC Approved, Technicians, including the self-employed, must be covered by Business Registration, as well as by their personal Registration.

Business Registration

Technicians can only become OFTEC Registered when the business that they work in or work for has met the conditions of the Business Registration. This requires the business to hold approved insurance cover.

Registration Obligations

Registered Technicians and Businesses give undertakings to work to the published rules of the Registration Scheme, and also to comply with Building Regulations and British Standard Codes of Practice. They are committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and efficiency for their customers.